Al Shama series freight elevator employs microcomputer control technology and cabins made of high intensive shaped materials, able to conduct freight transportation under various harsh environments.

Al Shama freight elevators meet the entire current national criterion such as GB7588 Safety Norms for Installation and Manufacturing of Elevators. The elevators are featured in their safety, reliability, high structural strength, durability, stable movement, large door width and high performance/price ratio, making them an ideal option for freight transfer at factories, warehouses, malls and logistics centers, etc. Contact your local Al Shama Elevator office for details and information.

» Fully computerized variable frequency and voltage control computerized.
» Large door width: employing multi-penal cabin doors to reach the maximum width of doors, making it easy for handling large freights.
» Accurate leveling: the accuracy of leveling is within a range of several millimeters.
» Sturdy and durable: employing high-strength shaped materials to reach the durability.
» Non-contact control is adopted, ensuring easy operation and high reliability.