AL SHAMA Hydraulic lift motor drive and pumps has the high properties and quality. It brings about the extremely quiet and smooth lift running. Its oil temperature monitor system can keep the finest temperature of the oil. In this way, it guarantees the smooth elevator operation. The advanced control valve can ensure the smooth lift acceleration and deceleration under any load conditions.

Whereas the micro-computer control system assures the stable and efficient running of various components. Al Shama hydraulic lift adopts many safety means such as the safety valve which protects the hydraulic system, one way valve which prevents from the return-flow of the hydraulic oil, the anti-stall device etc.

The Al Shama manufacture has been equipped with the most advanced technology and the quality supervision system in order to assure its security and reliability. Hydraulic systems are commonly used in low-rise buildings up to five stories.

The advantages of the hydraulic lift :
» No overhead machine room is necessary
»  Elevator hoist way dimensions are optimized
»  Loads are distributed to load bearing walls – there are no overhead structural requirements
»  Machine rooms can be located remotely
»  Installation costs are generally less than those for conventional traction roped systems

Hydraulic Lift Conversion to Traction Lift:

  • Existing system of hydraulic lift could be converted to traction lift.
  • Provisional analysis and consideration will be made on pit depth and over-head ceiling.
  • Safety provision will be thoroughly considered for conversion program from hydraulic to traction Lift having constraint of low pit depth and overhead ceiling.