Al Shama Lift adopts the advanced permanent magnet synchronous motor drive none gear traction machine to save the speed reduction device with large bulk. It greatly reduces the space and improves the layout mode of inside the lift well. Therefore it needs no machine room any more. The weight to allocate the machine equipments in the well can be transmitted by the steelwork components such as guide-rail etc. in the lower pit of the wall. It is not allowed to add the extra structural intensity of the construction, nor does it need a machine room. In this way, it saves the construction space and greatly lowers downs the construction cost.

The low noise and low vibration characteristics of permanent magnet synchronous non-gear traction machine combines with the continuously improved micro-computer network control variable frequency speed control mode. It brings about the smooth lift running and the more comfortable riding experience.

It combines with the high efficiency drive to enhance the effectiveness and reduces the energy loss. It also avoids the pollution problems which will be caused by the possible permeation from the traditional traction machine gear lubricant. MACHINE ROOM-LESS ELEVATOR appears to be more economical to the lift running at the same time of beautifying the environments.